FAQ: How to Use O’live GIN?

Thanks to its smooth and rich flavour, O’live GIN is a very versatile gin. You can enjoy it in several ways! Want to know more? Discover 4 great ways to use O’live GIN below.

1. Use O’live GIN Pure

It might come as a surprise to you, but O’live GIN is perfectly suited to drink straight. That’s because its natural flavours are very well balanced. On top of that, its alcohol percentage is not too high to go down easy.

Oh, and do you prefer your gin with some ice? Discover the perfect way to make an O’live GIN on the Rocks!

2. Cook with O’live GIN

O’live GIN is made from natural ingredients, including dehydrated olives. Thanks to its natural olive flavour, you can – and should! – cook with O’live GIN.

Use O’live GIN to add a little extra twist to your favourite dishes. No inspiration? Just visit our recipes page and start cooking with O’live GIN!

3. Use O’live GIN in Cocktails

The Dirty Martini, the O’live Collins or the Gin Gin Mule: O’live GIN’s natural flavours complement almost any cocktail you can dream of.

So next time you have a cocktail party, use O’live GIN to amaze and delight your guests. Looking for some inspiration? We’ve got you covered! Check out our recipes page now.

4. Use O’live GIN in your Gin & Tonics

What’s better than a refreshing Gin & Tonic? A refreshing Gin & Tonic with O’live GIN! O’live GIN’s unique flavour combines wonderfully with a premium tonic.

Want to know our absolute favourites? We’ve got not 1, not 2 but 3 perfect serves for you! Try out O’live GIN and Fever Tree, O’live GIN and Franklin & Sons, and O’live GIN and Schweppes Pink Pepper now.


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FAQ - How to Use O'live GIN