The Story

When young entrepreneur Sofie Gardyn saw the passion of the olive farmers in southern France, she decided to create an extraordinary olive gin. Discover the story of O’live, as told by its founders. Discover how it all started and evolved into a greater success!

How it all started

“We first felt a spark of ambition when we saw the passion with which French olive farmers in the Provence were picking and pressing their olives. It didn’t take us long to realize we also wanted to create something extraordinary with these divine fruits: an olive gin.”

Not just any olive gin

“However, we didn’t just want to make an olive gin. We wished to take things further and create a gin that captured the essence of the Mediterranean. We soon learned that the best way to do this, was to create a fully-distilled olive gin, with carefully selected and dehydrated olives and fresh herbs.”

The birth of our O'live gin

“That’s how O’live gin was created: a fully-distilled olive gin with a rich yet delicate flavour, crafted with only the best Mediterranean olives and full of natural antioxidants.”

So much more than gin

In no time, O’live became a company whose ambitions reached further than just olive gin. Its eagerness to create, kept growing so hard that after the ‘O’live gin – the original’, the spicy, the floral and the innocent were added to the O’live family.

After having created these delicate types of gin, the company was still eager to invent some new, unique products. No sooner said than done! The distinctive liqueur, the elegant rum, the alcohol-free rum and the delicious avocado were created.

O & Live

Our brand name is no longer just a reference to the initial olive, but also refers to a strong brand making its customers go ‘O’ & ‘LIVE’.

O’: get surprised by our unique tastes! ‘LIVE’: live now, enjoy our delicious artisan products and the unique experience they are offering you!